Server Rules

This is our official server rules. Please read! Ignorance will not protect you against punishment.

  1. No Insiding Or Betrayals

    We do not allow Insiding or betrayal of any form. This rule will be enforced by staff members with harsh punishments. When a player joins a faction you are joining under the assumption that you are there to help them grow, and win that season. If you are found to be violating this rule then all Alt/Main accounts will be IP banned for the rest of the season. If you are kicked or leave your faction, you must wait 2 weeks before engaging in raiding them or giving out information such as Coordinates.
  2. Misc. Rules

    • Exploits to avoid combat logging are strickly prohibited, If you are combat tagged and you leave combat you will be punished.
    • Making Alt Factions to gain an unfair advantage or exceed the membership limit will result in punishment.
    • Impersonating another user in game or on discord will not be tolerated and will result in punishment.
    • Nether portal raiding is not allowed. 
  3. No Glitching or Exploiting of Any Kind

    Glitching or exploiting is not allowed in any shape or form. Some examples are:
    • Ender pearl glitching.
    • Freecaming creeper eggs into bases.
    • Using a Hacked Client
    • Glitching under/through bedrock.
    • Bypassing World Border Protection.
    Note: Any other forms of glitching or exploiting will be enforced by the staff team at their own discretion. 
  4. Base/Claim Rules

    • There is a maxium buffer limit of 15 chunks around your base.
    • Bases can be a maximum of 5x5 chunks. This is not including your buffer which is a maximum of 15 chunks.
    • Spawner & Vault boxes are allowed and players are allowed to use water or lava to protect the exterior of them.
    • Spawner boxes are not allowed to have water surrounding the spawners or any other protections that may make them unraidable.
    • Using additional claims to prevent being raided is prohibited. This includes ally factions.
    Troll Claiming, which can be defined as claiming within another factions buffer limit, is strickly prohibited.
    Regen Defenses are not allowed.
    Redstone based defenses are not allowed.
    • Any form of a TNT dectecter to include Discord bots are not allowed.
    • Hiding value with the purpose of placing it right before the end of the season FTOP rewards is strictly prohibited.
    • Each faction is only allowed to claim 1 corner for the season. (this includes all worlds)
    • Each faction can only have up to 1 chunk of anti-nuke defenses.
    • Each faction is only allowed 1 base. (the exception being, for farming bases only. no spawners can be placed in the extra farming bases)
  5. Allied Faction Rules

    Towning with another faction is not allowed and allied faction claims must be at least 5 chunks away.
    • You are not allowed to betray your ally and will face the same punishment as insiding.
    • Only 1 ally per map will be allowed. 
  6. Client Modifications

    • Any client modifications are strickly prohibited such as,
    • Botting of any kind is not allowed.
    • CPS booster or Autoclicker
    • Freecam/No clip
    • ESP or X-ray
    • Combat mods such as Kill Aura, Mob Aura, Autocrit, Anti-knockback, Reach, Auto-Armor, Auto-Armor Equip..etc 
    • An exception to this rule is fly boost, which is allowed at a maximum of 2x normal speed.
  7. Chat Rules

    • Chat Moderation is enforced and is under the Complete Discretion of our Staff Team. Some things that are not allowed in chat include:
    • Racism or Discrimination (of any kind) including jokes
    • Hate Speech
    • Doxing or Using/Releasing Personal Information
    • Excessive Bullying or Taunting
    • Any kind of Threatening which is insinuating real life consequences 
  8. Server Cannon Rules

    • Cannons that shoot above Y 255.0 are not allowed.
    • Prohibited cannons:
       • Worm/Snake Cannons
       • Mid Air Cannons
       • TNT Arrays
       • Push Cannons
       • Left/Right Cannons
       • Diagonal Cannons
       • Roof Cannons
       • L Stackers
       • Lofters
       • Phase Cannons
       • Corner Cannons
    • Cannoning Speed:
       • All Cannons are limited to a 3-second clock or above.
    • Using more then 1 cannon while raiding is not allowed.
    • Cannons that remove more then 1 wall at a time are not allowed.
  9. Raiding Rules

    • Mining value while being raided is prohibited.
    • Once raiding has begun, then you will have to wait 30 minutes after the last shot of tnt before mining any value.
    • Using Gen buckets or printer while raiding is not allowed. They follow the same guidline above and most be used 30 minutes after the last tnt shot.
    • Patching while raiding is allowed and encouraged, But cannot be automated in any way.
    • While working on a fix, Currently no players are allowed to set/use homes in an enemy's factions base.
  10. Countering Rules

    • Counter Cannon boxes can have up to 5 additional exterior walls covered in water.
    • Enderpearling through cobweb gaps is prohibited.


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